Our Past and Future Are Present

Our Past and Future Are Present

Today is the first day of 2017 and I stand with so many others contemplating the year that just passed.  Simultaneously, I stand looking forward in wonder about what the New Year ahead will offer us.  As every New Year becomes the year before, the days seem to pass-by progressively faster; and, I consequently try more intently to dwell in the present moment – grateful for the many gifts that lie at my feet.  Whether it is caring family, steadfast friends, good health or the wonderful opportunity to work with stellar co-workers and clients, the meaningfulness of being present with my good fortune is more and more a personal goal of mine.

I am certain that my own sense of gratefulness is not the kind of content intended for a blog article on our new website; however, on this first day of this New Year, I am certain that my state of mind and sense of gratitude continues to fill the sails of the DuBro Architects + Builders ship.  My vision for the future is one fueled by attentiveness, diligence and optimism.  We believe that the energy and spirit that we possess both affects our relationships and the works that we produce.  We are so excited about the opportunities that New Year has in store for us!  We enter 2017 celebrating 15 years of operation, a new website and a renewed commitment to improving upon our strong foundation of quality relationships and quality work.

While it is clear to us that the marketplace is uber-competitive and is ever-recalibrating, we enter this New Year with as much energy and commitment as ever to do good things.  We know that our attentiveness to our clients’ unique and universal needs must be as high as it has ever been.  We recognize that our diligence to our craft and the ecological impacts that it may have is as important to us as it has ever been.  We revel in our optimism to do good work; work with good people; and continue to sustain a good company – this sentiment is also as strong as it ever has been.

We stand present and ready to make this year the best one yet.

Jeff DuBro
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