Living Architecture is the DuBro philosophy to home design. It is about integrating how we live, the possibilities of how we can live and conceiving the transformations that help us to “live well.” We want you to wake each morning and say “I love my home.” Living Architecture is art and building science intertwined. Like a dancer that enlivens space through movement, our designs transform space for the way you live. The experience of Living Architecture is holistic and healthy; it is enriching and fresh; it is functional and accessible; it is meaningful.

Together, we make Living Architecture accessible and achievable through collaboration and a commitment to creating the place you call Home.

Our Guiding Principles



Artistry is what sets this company apart.  Architecture is our art; building is our craft.  At DuBro, we seek to bring something fresh and new to each and every project regardless of size or type.   We like to take a set of conditions, look at them from differing perspectives and connect them with our experience to create enriched space ideas.  Integral to our work, artistry is infused into all aspects of our design and construction practices.  We believe in the value of delight in creative artistic solutions.


To DuBro, the principle of economy is a guardianship principle.  It most definitely is about sound financial investment and prudent decisions, but it’s also about the economy of a project, meaning:  1) the judicious use of resources, material and space, 2) staff and crew efficiencies, and 3) elegant and effective project management and 4) the correct balance between scope of work, quality level of materials and products and the financial investment made.  We see beauty in economy.


Optimism is the belief in hope and a positive outcome.  Optimism leads to higher performance, innovative thinking and an understanding that challenges can be answered with a multitude of creative solutions.  At DuBro we believe that optimistic, positive energy leads to shared trust and engagement…between project team and client.   We are optimists.


So much is at stake for trusting clients – from their goals and expectations for their new living space to their financial commitment to the myriad of decisions that need to be made along the way — that communication to the last detail is an absolute priority.  We invite you to check our references, client testimonials, and you will discover we take this principle very seriously.  We believe that anxiety and dissatisfaction can be eliminated with good communication and we have many mechanisms in place to provide communication needed for a positive experience.


The world of words has exploded around the terms ‘sustainability’ and ‘green’.  But, what are important are deeds not words.  It’s the barometer from which we evaluate every key decision point – from project site and construction impact management to building material and product selection.   Together with our clients, we strive to make decisions that result in high quality, real value and environmentally sustainable outcomes.  We believe that this is the way to design and build and need not be seen as a added feature.


Integrity is wholeness and virtue.  It’s grand and overarching while, at the same time, intimate and specific.  At DuBro Architects + Builders, integrity is truly a valued principle.  It is core to our client, vendor, employee, and community relationships and, it drives the way we design and build.  There’s an integrity of actions and procedures as much as there is an integrity of materials and systems.  Integrity is the foundation from which our company is built.

The focus of Building Equity is the centerpiece to a successful project.


We strive to build equity in our clients’ Homes. Our goal is to create as much overlap as possible between the two types of equity: Market Equity and Quality-of-Life Equity.

Market Equity – the conventional type of equity considered when building equity in one’s home.  Here are some things to figure out as you consider how you may build market equity:

  • How long do you intend to stay in this home?
  • What is the state of the local market?
  • How does your potential project fit within the local market?

Quality-of-Life Equity – uncommonly discussed within the context of Building Equity but equally as important in our opinion.  Here are some things to figure out as you consider how you may build quality-of-life equity:

  • What is your vision of Home?
  • How can your house better reflect and inform how you live?
  • What would allow you to LOVE your home?

Our best clients are invested, thoughtful and intellectually connected to the process. Our clients’ success is our success, and our success is born out of an engaged process of design and construction. While this language has the potential to sound cliché; it is the centerpiece to our sustained business. We genuinely care about our clients and about the work itself.

We care about having relationships that are built on earned respect and trust and good faith. Our marketing model is simple – do good work with integrity.

We want to be the first company you call when there is something to be done with your home – be it replacing a water heater to the design & construction of a new home, and everything in between. For us the size does not matter; it is the relationships we build and the attitude we take when discovering how our clients live and understanding what they need.

We hope all of our clients to be lifetime clients.