The Living Home Plan is a comprehensive evaluation of the many tasks that a home requires over time. This is a master plan of home projects that identify specific tasks such as roof and gutter replacement; HVAC replacement; wood floor refinishing; interior renovations, landscape work, etc. Really, anything that you want and need for your home; we help you identify and understand the interrelationships with other tasks and their relative priority.

Once we have a comprehensive list, we assist our clients to develop a prioritized list of projects coupled with realistic price ranges. For those who believe in the importance to attend to the needs of their homes and want help understanding their home’s health in the form of a master planning document, our Living Home Plan can be a valuable tool for you.

House Systems | Cabinetry, carpentry and closet systems | House Finishes

House Systems

Like our bodies, our houses function by the integration of efficient and maintained systems. The primary systems of a house are the structural, electrical and plumbing and the heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems. Sound and healthy systems allow our homes to function to promote healthy, safe and comfortable environments. The integration of efficient and intelligently engineered systems can also offer us the ability to lower our utilities usage while building real value in our homes.

House Systems Project Examples: HVAC maintenance or replacement; Water heater replacement; electrical service & circuitry repair and upgrade; fixtures replacement; foundation repair, etc.

Cabinetry, Carpentry & Closet Systems

From the way our houses are assembled to the way that our closets are organized, sound carpentry impacts how we experience our homes. The selection of different woods, the manner in which pieces are joined and fastened, the artistic craft that is possible all can contribute to how we can enjoy the stability and the details and the beauty that carpentry can allow.

Carpentry & Closet Systems Project Examples: Built-ins; decks; custom closet systems; trim details and wainscots; framing; custom furniture, etc.

House Finishes

The finishes are the both the physical and the visual means by which we connect to our Homes. Through color, texture, durability and sustainability we adorn the interior environment. Well-placed selections and well-executed installations make a real difference in how wefinish our interiors. We can introduce warmth, playfulness and formality (to name a few) significantly through the finishes of our homes.

House Finishes Project Examples: flooring; drywall work; painting & wall coverings; tile work, etc.

Water Management | House Envelope | Hardscaping and Landscaping

Water Management

Water can rarely be controlled but it can be managed if we choose to work with it rather than trying to fight it. Related to the envelope of our houses, it we cannot manage ground and storm water, we will have a very hard time enjoying our homes. When left unmanaged, water can damage structures, create unusable spaces and can lead to unhealthy conditions in our homes. From modifying topography, creating subsurface infiltration systems, rain gardens or foundation drainage & waterproofing systems, water management is central to the value and enjoyment of your property.

Water Management Project Examples: wet basement; site drainage/grading; drain tile & French drains; sump pumps; infiltration trenches and pits, etc.

House Envelope

What keeps the outside from coming inside is the envelope of a house. The roof, the siding, the windows & doors all make up the envelope. Even the insulation makes up the envelope as it is critical to keeping the heat out in the summer and the cold out in the winter. The better the envelope functions the more efficiently the systems of your home can function, which can be both ecologically and financially worth the investment.

House Envelope Project Examples: Window and door replacement; roof replacement; insulation upgrades; siding and trim; gutters and downspouts, etc.

Hardscaping and Landscaping

The way a house integrated into its surrounding is so important to the way in which we use and generally experience our homes. We have the opportunity to situate our homes into their individual environments and give our homes a connection to the physical and spiritual context of our homes – a connection that is unique to that place. This integration is also a direct way to extend the living spaces of our homes outwards. Be it through gardening, grilling, relaxing or simply being more connected to the terrain and weather that surrounds our homes, the attention to landscaping and Hardscaping can enrich our properties and bring us enjoyment of the outdoors.

Hardscaping and Landscaping Project Examples: Exterior lighting; stone patios; fire pits; vegetable gardens; trees, shrubs and other plantings; Screen porches; fences and privacy screens, etc.

We all know that buying a Home can be one of the most exciting and most anxiety-filled processes we can undertake. In this real estate market, it can be daunting to find a home that has all of the attributes that we want in a home (e.g. a private yard, a strong school system, lots of natural light, an adequate laundry room, and a functional kitchen to name a few) that makes financial sense. Certainly a good real estate agent can be very helpful; additionally, we have found that many home buyers desire input about what is possible with the homes they are considering.

What is possible with an existing house? Is it easy or hard to move this or that wall? Does this house lend itself to an addition? What would it take to make a garden in this lot?Whatever the question, the home of your dreams may be hiding in a house for sale.

We enjoy helping clients see the possibilities and also the warning signs in houses they are considering to purchase. We also understand that the timeliness of this evaluation is critical –especially in this Metro DC marketplace.