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Many describe the kitchen as the center of their home. It is the space that combines cooking with living and entertaining — the gathering hub where family and friends connect. A new kitchen can deliver efficient functionality, increased storage, enhanced ergonomics, and integrated aesthetics while simultaneously building solid equity.

Whether you are a gourmet cook, a consummate entertainer or simply want a more functional kitchen, there is a solution for you.



Bathrooms are a sanctuary – the place to uninhibitedly relax and pamper yourself.  At their best, bathrooms possess convenience, comfort, functionality and a blend of both private and personal expression. Bathrooms are second only to the kitchens on our client’s wish lists of rooms to add or renovate and will undoubtedly add real value to your Home.



Living, dining and sleeping rooms are at the heart of connecting with yourself, with family and with friends. An integrated and functional living, dining and sleeping space is essential for shaping the spaces in which you gather with other people, have meals together and dream individually. Thoughtfully integrated, these spaces can be central in defining the experience of your Home.



The exterior of a house can be the natural extension of your Home’s interior as well as the means by which the outside flows in. The exterior of your Home is your face to the community and it is the connection it has with the neighborhood, topography, sunlight, and all the life that happens outside. Exterior spaces offer wonderful opportunities to not only expand the function and use of your Home; but also, they allow us to connect to the “spirit of the place.”



Intended solely for movement, staircases offer the opportunity to gracefully transition from one level to another and to sculpturally punctuate the living spaces of our Homes.  The location, configuration, ratios and the details all together can combine to make stairways innovative and exciting elements.

Special Details


The world-renowned Architect, Ludwig Mies van Der Rohe, proclaimed “God is in the details.” The idea and power of this statement resonates so strongly for us. The manner in which a home is appointed, finished and simply put-together speaks volumes about the attention and care put into that Home. Details of a house bring to life texture, light and the nature of materials that can enrich our experiences at Homes.

Before & After


Of all the things we do for our clients, the transformations that occur in our client’s homes are the most special.  Bringing new life, utility and flow to existing spaces is not only an exciting process but it is an equity-building process as well.  Uncovering the possibilities and augmenting the existing spaces and forms are opportunities that can be found in your Home.