• "Jeff and his team managed to create a unity of concept for our entire home while preserving the qualities we loved from the original house... we have continued to call on DuBro for several smaller projects and have been given the same great service at every turn."

    Gareth, renovation client

  • "Thanks to DuBro, we have been able to transform our modest 1950s ranch home into a hip, modern space. Anytime we have a home improvement idea, we come to DuBro first to see how they can help, and Jeff ends up suggesting an even better idea."

    Kate + Jesse B.

  • "Now that we have been living in our new home for three years, we can still say that there is not a thing we would change. Every day our Home really does reflect our family."

    The Donnelleys

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Jeff, Lucia, and the entire DuBro Architects + Builders crew to remodel our home. Jeff and Lucia helped us re-imagine our space in ways we had never considered. They presented ideas and options, incorporated our ideas and feedback, and only moved forward on something when we were happy with it. When the project was finished (on budget and ahead of schedule), we had a new kitchen, a new dining room, and a new laundry room–three completely transformed spaces with artistic and material integrity that we love and that are completely “us.” M.M.

Jeff and his amazing team worked really hard to ensure our satisfaction and the end results are even better than we could have anticipated. Working with our tight budget Jeff communicated risk, timeline, and we jointly worked to resolve issues with our old home as they came up. Jeff managed his contractors well and we could not be more pleased. Highly recommend DuBro and we are looking forward to working with them again for Phase 2. 🙂 Rick B.

DuBro did an excellent job with our backyard patio. It has helped to transform the space and Jeff worked with us every step of the way to be sure the implementation aligned with our vision. We love the result and working with such pros and great communicators. Highly recommend! Jacob E.

We asked Jeff and his team to design and build a master bedroom expansion to our 1940s colonial. He exceeded our expectations in the design and the quality of the final products. We loved Jeff and his team’s approach to walk us through all aspects of the decisions making at design while balancing price, quality, and timeframes. Dubro’s greatest asset is his ability to communicate the ideas up front, what is going on during construction, and what to expect going forward. This was key to our comfort with the construction process all along. And, since we chose to live in the house during construction, we greatly appreciated how hard they worked to keep the house clean and to keep reasonable work hours for our family. We fully intend to do additional work with Dubro in the future! Jessica M.

I hired DuBro Architects + Builders in fall 2015 to do a fairly extensive renovation of my small rowhouse in Arlington — new kitchen, new bathroom/laundry in the basement, and an updated upstairs bathroom. My biggest surprise was how much I enjoyed working with DuBro, throughout the design and construction process, especially after hearing so many renovation horror stories. Key points: (1) Design Process: The design process was fun, very iterative and interactive, which worked well for me, and resulted in a house that I love, with a pricetag I could afford. Jeff DuBro and his team really listened to me. I was concerned with keeping the charm and coziness of my 1938 rowhouse, and they managed to create a renovation that fits seamlessly into the rest of the house, and keeps the look and feel that I wanted. (2) Timeliness: The team worked very hard to meet every deadline, and managed to get the renovation done in 3 1/2 months, which was the initial goal — so I could move back in before Christmas. (3) Advantage of a design/build firm: I appreciated working with a design/build firm. Jeff is an architect plus a master builder, so knows everything about design, but also about the way houses work. Having a house with systems (plumbing, electricity, heating/cooling, etc) that work was really important to me. (4) Budget: Jeff and the team worked hard to meet my limited budget, while still giving me most all of what I wanted. (5) The team: Jeff has assembled a team that is fun to work with, have wonderful ideas, and are great craftsmen. He has his own staff for most of the work, rather than subs, so they were at the house every day and knew all the issues — plus they worked hard. Jeff is really responsive, always getting back to me when I had concerns or questions. The bottom line: good quality, great people, and a wonderful new home. J.M.

DuBro Architects and Builders is experienced, efficient, meticulous, and truly dedicated to customer satisfaction. As good as it gets. DuBro has enclosed my back porch, completely renovated 3 full bathrooms, re-insulated my crawl spaces with blown-in foam insulation, and re-painted my large 3-wing colonial house. Everything was 100%. I couldn’t be happier. Mike F.

I recommend DuBro Architects without reservation. Jeff and his team are creative, flexible, responsive, friendly, and supremely good at what they do. We have hired DuBro Architects for projects both large and small and have never been disappointed. Alasdair K.

The design process very quickly opened our eyes to what the house could be. We told DuBro generally what we wanted, great sketches were made of the house, then Jeff came up with several approaches, showed us different ideas and we started what unfolded as a very successful process. B & A

More than anything, the quality of the work was outstanding. Your carpenters, who I consider master craftsmen, came up with great ideas for working around the typical challenges you face in home construction. C.W.

The DuBro staff worked with us to develop a general plan that took shape as we met many times, based on a clear set of priorities they helped us develop. Once we were in agreement on the general layout, we were able to get a sense of what really makes the DuBro design team shine, and in my opinion, it was immense creativity. W.S.

One consistent comment that has come up from friends and family seeing our new home is just how these living spaces have been optimized to reflect function but draw an artistic attention to it all. J.J.

If you’re looking to do an addition or renovation that’s not cookie-cutter, something that has some challenges, something that is a little more unique, I don’t see a better option than DuBro Architects and Builders. Leon

We really appreciated the creative solutions that the design team came up with to add interesting elements to the design, address space issues, and suggest finishes that really made each part of the two projects stand out as unique works of craftsmanship. We would recommend DuBro to anyone looking for a professional and talented design-build remodeling contractor.

We hired DuBro Architects + Builders to finish part of our basement in 2013. The project came in at the budgeted price and was finished in a timely manner. The finished basement is beautiful and the work quality is top notch. Our project included slate flooring with electric heat underneath, a new bathroom, and a tankless water heater to service the basement living area. Additionally, we had extensive drywall, painting and trim work. Management of the project, design, quality control, and communication were excellent. It was a great experience. We are very pleased with the results and hope to work with Jeff and his colleagues again. K & J

Jeff DuBro and his team did a fabulous job on my house. They totally changed the curb appeal by adding a large front porch and installing a new driveway, new exterior doors, roof and siding. Jeff’s design of the porch was better than I had imagined. They were very professional and I would not hesitate to call them for another project. Robin C.

We hired DuBro this past summer for a minor but significant job, replacing our front walkway with concrete, our exterior outdoor lighting, and blacktopping our driveway. As always, they paid attention to both large and small details, and helped improve our curb appeal significantly. Four years ago, they gutted our home and redesigned and renovated it, and today, our home still feels fresh, current, and completely livable. They demonstrated with this more recent job that they are consistent with quality and value whether the job is big or small. In a day when true customer service is rare, we deeply appreciate DuBro and their staff and their personal attention!! Jenny K.

We couldn’t have asked for a more optimal experience with Jeff DuBro and the rest of the team at DuBro Architects and Builders. They are a full service firm that focuses on every aspect of the renovation from the building and design to the finishing. We recently underwent a major redesign of our 1949 colonial and contracted them to do the work. This was a 5 1/2 month renovation that included underground excavation, a 1st and 2nd floor addition, a new kitchen, a new dining room in place of an old screened in porch, a new HVAC system, as well as outdoor landscaping work. As you can imagine, this process can be stressful for any homeowner, particularly when you have to move out of your home for such a long period of time, but Jeff and his team made certain that everything went smoothly and their level of professionalism was second to none. They were respectful of our home inside and outside and kept the worksite neat and tidy. We just moved back in to our “new” home and couldn’t be happier with the end result. We would highly recommend Jeff and his team for anyone considering a major renovation and looking for solid/high quality work. Gina W.

For the past 15 years I’ve relied on DuBro Architects + Builders to care for my 7-unit historic apartment building in DC. DuBro and his staff handled all projects big and small, emergency and non-emergency. The list of tasks they accomplished seems endless. They coordinated historic window permitting and replacement, installed a new gutter and drainage system to solve a recurrent flooding problem, re-pointed the bricks, designed and installed kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, painting, landscaping, repaired the roof, soothed residents, replaced doors, skylights, etc. The list could go on and on. Everything was always done with such incredible care, thoroughness, trustworthiness and professionalism. Jeff DuBro is so SINCERE in his interest in doing the RIGHT THING for architecture, buildings, and his clients. That philosophy oozes through his entire organization. Frances C.

We have had DuBro design and execute two projects for us. The first project was a complete basement remodel, including a family room, extra bedroom, storage room, full bathroom, and beautiful laundry room, which cost $80K+ and was completed in March 2012. The second project was a complete remodel of a small bathroom with shower, and a partial remodel of the kitchen, which cost $25K+ and was completed in March 2013. DuBro is a design-build firm with creative architects that work closely with the owner to develop a design that meets the owner’s functional and aesthetic goals; and an execution team that works efficiently and competently to produce a high quality product. Both teams listened and responded to our feedback throughout the project to ensure that the final product met our expectations. We really appreciated the creative solutions that the design team came up with to add interesting elements to the design, address space issues, and suggest finishes that really made each part of the two projects stand out as unique works of craftsmanship. We would recommend DuBro to anyone looking for a professional and talented design-build remodeling contractor. Richard P.

The design process very quickly opened our eyes to what the house could be. We told DuBro generally what we wanted, great sketches were made of the house, then Jeff came up with several approaches, showed us different ideas and we started what unfolded as a very successful process. B & A

We contracted with DuBro A+B for a renovation of our 1950s brick rambler with full basement. We have lived in the house for 29 years. We added a MBR and Family Room off the back and completely renovated everything but two existing bedrooms and one bath. We gutted the entire basement from floor to ceiling and to the concrete block walls. We replaced the entire HVAC system including the duct work. It is basically a completely new house. We signed the contract in October with a projected work schedule of November 2013 through April 2014. The work was completed on or slightly ahead of schedule in mid-April and on budget. Projects costs increased only because of our decision for some additional work/upgrades during the course of the project. Basically, the project was on budget so I could use my contingency reserves for additional things like a driveway and sidewalks which were not in the base plan. My wife and I stopped by the project almost daily. Moises Vasquez-Guerra and Neftali Villatoro are top notch craftsmen and were always happy to see us and show us what they were doing. I quickly became comfortable with their attention to detail as they and Jeff always had more things on their punch list than I had. We are very happy with the house more than a year later. Jeff DuBro and Lucia Dunin-Borkowski met with my wife and I to get an understanding of how we lived and what we were looking for and proposed a design suited to our life style. Kelly Lesperance provided support throughout the project helping us to make the choices of finishes and fixtures that best met our requirements and our budget. That leads me to the final comment – the DuBro process. Jeff makes “Living Architecture” and collaboration/communication with the customer one of his selling points up front. He and his team promote the project as a process of interaction with the customer to maximize customer satisfaction and obtain a design that matches the way we live. I was a little skeptical about this at first, but it really worked the way he said it would (if not even better). The design was definitely a collaborative effort between my wife and I and Jeff, Julia and Kelly. We had regular project meetings and adapted, modified and improved upon the original design as the renovation was occurring without impacting cost. The ability to do just in time decision-making allowed all of us to probe, question and improve upon one another’s ideas. Instead of being something we endured, the renovation was something we enjoyed. There are lots of design decisions made during the project that greatly improved the base plan. Now we get to argue over who gets credit for those good ideas! The answer to that argument is that we all get credit. That’s a good thing. Steve M.

Here’s what you get if you hire DuBro: a project that is completed on time and on budget. Excellent daily communication about the status of your project. Great ideas, creative vision, but also an understanding of and respect for your financial limits and personal preferences. We had a small, poorly configured kitchen. We needed help imagining a new design. Jeff DuBro and his staff spent a lot of time talking with us before any work started to get a feel for our style, for how we wanted to use the space and for how we think of a kitchen (e.g. is it social space? is it quiet space?). Once the project started, they were able to suggest materials and appointments that we loved. We were kept in the loop about any challenges. When we didn’t like the way something turned out (e.g. a paint color wasn’t what we thought it would be), they didn’t complain or tell us why we should like it — they just talked with us to figure out how to make it better. The crew was fantastic — hard-working, fun to talk with, and considerate — and they cleaned up the work area at the end of every day. We have only high praise for every person we worked with: project manager, designers, appliance expert, logistics person, construction crew. Everyone was diligent about creating a kitchen that we loved. It’s a beautiful, highly efficient space. I have no hesitation recommending DuBro. Stacey E.

My wife and I endured several short comings in our home for years: a lack of storage; uncomfortably high heat upstairs; pink, black, and white tiles in a cramped guest bathroom; and used kitchen appliances dating back more than 20 years (with an oven door pried loose by our dogs). We looked to Jeff DuBro for help. Jeff and his team studied and measured our home, developing a plan addressing all of our concerns and more. Jeff explained how to increase storage in the kitchen/main room while improving the flow in the heart of our home. Not only did they enhance the livability of our home, Jeff and the team incorporated stunning design changes overhauling the home’s interior. Throughout the course of the work, we were kept informed of the project’s progress, and all of our concerns and questions were carefully considered and answered. Jeff and his team always exhibited skill, professionalism, and talent. Our home is far more functional than we could have imagined. In addition to the utility added to our home, we deeply appreciate the design concepts enhancing the enjoyment of our home. These concepts included introducing the richness of walnut wood accents to the kitchen/main room. We thought of working off this walnut with a new coffee table and told Jeff that we had access to a raw plank of walnut. Jeff and the team smoothed and shaped this plank into a coffee table with a metal base. We then thought that a new kitchen table tied in with the metal frame would complete the transformation, and once again the team and Jeff build a metal frame table with a specially designed wooden tabletop topped with clear epoxy resin. These tables bring out so much of the details and craftsmanship of the renovation and we are grateful for the custom makeover of our home. Paul F. & Sally C.